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In order to better assist our customers TeleNetworks now houses in the Santo Domingo warehouse a significant inventory of cables (1/2" and 7/8" size cables), and passive components such as cables antennas, connectors, couplers, diplexers, etc. Please see Inventory List of most common components in local stock.


Telephone and Cellular companies are constantly dealing with property losses and, most importantly, network outrages caused by theft of outdoor copper plant, stolen batteries and vandalism to remote cabinets. TeleNetworks has designed and installed multiple cabinet security systems customized with special locking and steel protection mechanism aimed at minimizing cabinet damage and theft of batteries.


Cellular carriers typically opt to install DAS systems, instead of small cells, to control the demand for capacity generated by major venues, such as hotels, airports, hospitals, etc., therefore avoiding further saturation of their macro cellular network. Walking Tests and Network Simulations are integral components of the DAS’ design and implementation. TeleNetworks uses the Swissqual and Dingli’s platforms to execute the Walking tests and performs before/after simulations using the IbWave software. TeleNetworks has partnered with Comba Networks in the successful implementation of multiple DAS projects for one of the major cellular carriers in Latin America. Among these projects are multi-floor Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls and, recently completed, the Las Americas International Airport.


Similarly to In-Building Installations the Outdoor DAS projects respond to requirements to improve cellular signal quality in outdoor venues, such as congested residential areas where customers occupying lower floors in high-rise buildings suffer from poor signal while residents in higher floors enjoy a strong cellular signal derived from the macro network. TeleNetworks has extensive experience designing and delivering cellular services using multiple outdoor DAS remote units typically installed on power poles. Optionally, the Comba remote DAS units mounted on poles could be energized remotely using a DC Power System manufactured by GE. This system utilizes the telco copper plant therefore eliminating the dependency on the public utility Company.


TeleNetworks has an extensive history of successful turnkey installation of microwave systems. In 2005 TeleNetworks signed its first distribution contract with Ceragon Networks. Today, we account for over 800 installations of both backbone (single and multiple hubs) links as well as last mile links for telco customers in the Caribbean islands. TeleNetworks' in-house microwave expertise brings our customers the confidence and peace of mind when calling on TeleNetworks to deliver the proper radio equipment configuration, design and turnkey implementation.


The installation of General Electric (GE) Line Power Systems are designed to remotely power-48Vdc network equipment reliably using +/- 190Vdc over existing copper lines deployed between Central Office and remote outside plant cabinets. Line Power Systems provide for power distribution with battery back up maintained at the CO location to avoid costs of deploying and maintaining remote battery strings at OSP cabinets or customer premise locations. These DC Power Systems over copper plant allow the telco operators to power remote network equipment without dependency on the local power utility company.


RESTORATION: Last September 2017 hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico causing innumerous damages to fiber cable infrastructure throughout the island. TeleNetworks activated three fiber repair crews to team up with a local carrier in the restoration of hundreds of fiber outrages, rewiring damaged fiber enclosures, replacing and re-splicing kilometers of damaged fibers in a massive effort to restore services to customers.

TeleNetworks is ready to support you delivering quick and yet thorough fiber optic install, repair and termination services. We use core fusion technology to streamline fiber ends into one fully operational fiber link.
TeleNetworks is equipped with bucket trucks, high cabin wagons for fiber splicing use, GMP Lashers. Our fiber service teams are also equipped with FIS CA3 core fusion splicers, VEEX's OTDRs, Power-Source Meters, Fault Locators and Live Traffic Detectors.

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