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TeleNetworks was founded in 1985 in San Juan, Puerto Rico as a supplier of test solutions for both the telecom and the electronics manufacturing industries. Today TeleNetworks focuses on delivering, in addition to testing solutions, consulting and turn key product integration services to carriers and enterprises in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and throughout the Caribbean. Our direct sales and support activities are managed from offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Both offices are staffed with experienced personnel readily available to support sales and support activities to our clients.




Always lead as a provider of technology solutions and services supported by a group of highly qualified personnel committed to delivering the highest quality of products and services to our customers.



Position TeleNetworks as a strategic partner of our customers delivering innovative consulting services and product solutions, as well as becoming a reliable and trustworthy supplier of telecommunications products and services to telcos and wireless carriers in the Caribbean.



Always delivering on our commitments. Customer satisfaction as our primary goal. Excellence in Quality.

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